Situations vacant



There are always jobs to be done within a purely volunteer organisation like our U3A. It is often difficult for members to know where they could help, so this page may give you some ideas, but don't forget you can simply offer your services to a committee member or group leader. New helpers are always needed, whether organising trips and groups or simply making tea or washing up. We all have some skill we can offer.

Due to the increase in membership, new Interest groups are always starting up. Sometimes deputy leaders are needed and others are required to start a second or third group in a subject. Help is available from current group leaders and group leaders committee representatives, so don't let inexperience hold you back and if you want to start a completely new group then please do!

In the first instance, please contact Publicity or a Group Leaders Representative. The usual procedure is to open up a page for the new subejct in the New Interest Groups book which is held on the Publicity Desk.  The proposed new group is advertised in the Newsletter and on the website and once a small nucleus of members indicates their interest, a meeting is held to arrange a meeting venue, dates, start times, the intentions of the group, and group leadership.  A leader does not have to be an expert in a subject, just be prepared to co-ordinate the requirements of the group as a whole

  • If you can regularly offer lifts to someone please see the secretary or appropriate interest group leader. This may enable someone to attend a group meeting who wouldn't otherwise get there.

Remember - it is YOUR U3A so if you can take some responsibility within it you will improve it for everyone.