Scilly Isles



Very early on the morning of June 9th 2011 we set off by coach for Penzance where we joined the Helicopter for our flight to the Isles of Scilly.


Here we found the most beautiful bunch of small islands set in the clear blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. The warmth and friendliness of the people, the feeling of total tranquility where there is no crime whatsoever, the whitest sandy beaches, loads of local history, lots of wild life and above all the most fantastic tropical and local flowers of every colour and size from all over the world.This should be on everyone’s list of places to visit.


The keen walkers were in 'Ramblers Heaven' on all the islands we visited, and the tour on the Blue Rover Bus built in 1948, rattled us around St Mary's the largest island with a brilliant commentary by the driver.


There are few cars including taxis plus the occasional bus, but the popular form of transport is bicycles and golf buggies.


Sailing across the Atlantic to visit Tresco was amazing,the island is breath taking, and the trip to St Agnes was quite an experience, seeing the Seals, Cormorants, and Puffins, and once again sharing the friendliness of the islanders, and enjoying a drink and lunch in the famous Turks Head Inn. It is no wonder all this is called 'The Paradise Islands'. Could I live there? you bet, Will I go back? without doubt.


Sadly a week later we had to say goodbye to the friends we had made, to the islands we had fallen in love with and as the Helicopter took off the aerial view of the islands looked like a beautiful hand made patchwork quilt, begging us to ‘Come back soon'.