We meet at 9 o'clock on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the car park of the Delph Tavern, Tontine. Our walks will normally be between 8 and 10 miles with no more than 1800 ft of ascent.

They will normally be within 1 hour's drive in shared cars, from Orrell, with occasional forays beyond that in the summer months. The exact location will only be decided at 18:30 the night before, depending on the weather. We will try to publish it on the web site by 19:00.

Everyone walks at their own risk and sturdy walking boots and wet weather gear plus packed lunches are needed.

The Group is fully subscribed at the moment, but if you are interested, please check back periodically.

Group Leaders, Robert Anderson, Mike Crickett.

January 26th, Chester.

To avoid the rain we headed south for a circular walk taking in part of the Sandstone Trail through the Delamere  Forest. On arriving at our proposed car park we found this to be closed as were all the other forest car parks due to extensive storm damage within the forest. Luckily we were not too far from an old favourite. We parked at Ecceleston right on the river Dee walked along to and through Chester returning on a circular route back to the car park. Lunch was enjoyed by the river at the Bandstand but to our disappointment no entertainment was provided. We consoled our misfortune with uplifting refreshment back at The Delph Tavern. 

February 23rd, Sandstone Trail.

We attempted this walk in January but all car parks were closed due to storm damage and some repairs being carried out. This month success on a bright but cold day we parked in the Delamere Forest and headed south on the Sandstone Trail. After a few miles we took a right turn through Kelsall a pleasant Cheshire village/town, it isn't that small. We stopped for lunch on a nice grassy bank with views over the Cheshire countryside all the way to the Welsh hills. The weather stayed dry and sunny but with a cold breeze as we made our way back to the start. Some but not all availed ourselves of the usual refreshment back at base The Delph Tavern.

March 22nd, Clowbridge Reservoir & The Singing Tree.

We headed for the reservoir in the Burnley area on a cold chilly day. Once again our car park was closed due to repairs at the reservoir. This also happened to us in January in the Delamere Forest. We were able to park close to the reservoir and begin our walk from a different position. We started up the Burnley Way to Crown Point Road along this to the Panoptican, the one that makes noises through piping when there is a suitable wind blowing and believe me there was a wind, cold was not the word. The return route took us down the Rossendale Way cutting off towards Clowbridge and around the Reservoir back to the cars. The slightly amended route was shorter than intended but given the cold weather no one was complaining. We warmed ourselves back at base with a relaxing beverage in The Delph Tavern.


May 24th, Thieveley Pike.

We returned to this walk as our first attempt sometime ago left us no views as we were enveloped in mist and fog. Our jaunt up the M65 towards Todmorden was rewarded with brilliant sunshine spectacular views and a grand day out all round. There was also a heroic rescue of a lamb stuck in the bars of gate to add to our overall satisfaction. Is there no limit to the talents within this group only time will tell. Yes you guessed it the usual refreshments were downed back at base in The Delph Tavern and most welcome they were too.


 June 28th, Entwistle.

The walk was led by Frank Moss who had volunteered to lead the walk in May as Mike and Robert the usual leaders were both on holiday but due to unforeseen circumstances the May walk was cancelled. We were favoured with good weather for the duration with Frank taking us around the reservoirs using paths that we had not trodden before. Thank you for that Frank and maybe we can call on you to lead at a future date to give Mike and me a rest. The usual after walk refreshments were consumed back at you guessed it The Delph Tavern.


July 26th, Top Withins.

At last decent weather allowed us the opportunity a ride out to Bronte country. We headed along the Bronte Way over Bronte bridge where we had a short break continuing up to Top Withins the inspiration for Wuthering Heights so they say. Lunch here and our return took us round Harbour Hill over Haworth Moor back to our chosen car park. The weather was kind just a small shower but all were thirsty enough to avail themselves of  the hospitality back at The Delph Tavern. A grand day out.


August 23rd, Shining Tor.

Good weather so a long drive to an excellent walk was called for.  Macclesfield up by Rainow down to car park at Erwood Reservoir. A nice start along the reservoir then a long climb to the top where lunch was had with some stunning views. The return along the tops via Cats Tor and a leisurely stroll back down to the car park. It was a later return to base than normal so  only a small number of hardy souls or hardened drinkers partook of refreshment in the Delph Tavern. Lets hope for a repeat of good weather in September.


September 27th, Willaston

Best weather area for this months walk. So we headed south and parked at the old Willaston  station kept as a museum showing as it was in 1952 very interesting and well presented. We walked along the old track bed to Parkgate on the coast then along the coastal path to Neston cutting inland once again to join with the track bed back to the old station. After a nice walk on a sunny  day a thirst quencher was called for back at the Deph Tavern and very welcome indeed.



October 25th, Malham.

A lovely sunny day to drive to Malham some patchy fog on the way but blue sky on arrival although cloudy during part of walk. We started by going to Janets Fosse a nice waterfall then from Gordale Bridge up above the cove admiring the view whilst having a small break. Continued up Watlows following the Pennine Way to just near the Tarn then along to Street Gate where we stopped for lunch. Continued along Mastiles Lane through the remains of the Roman marching camp cutting down over the fells to Hawthorn Lane then Gordale Lane on our way back to the car park. A long day saw us late back to base The Delph Tavern where some had a relaxing refreshment before going home.


November 22nd, Harrock Hill.

It was the day of our annual dinner at the Star so we decided to stay local. Parked at Parbold by the canal walked on the road to Hill Dale up over Hunters Hill on to Harrock Hill where we had a stop for brunch. Carried on suitably refreshed to Parbold Hill via High Moor Lane down to Wood Lane along this to main road back to Parbold. No visit to Delph Tavern today but instead a good meal and drinks at the Star Roby Mill enjoyed by all. This brought our year to another close and lets hope for an even better 2017.


January 24th, Rivington.

Mixed day weather wise so stayed local. Parked at lower barn Rivington made our way up to track and along to the pidgeon tower and stopped for a break. Cold but ok weather wise so carried on track to Belmont road crossed over and down to Lead Mines Clough and Anglezark Reservoir. Returned to car park along side of reservoirs tired but dry and having covered 10.5 miles. Well done everybody. Needless to say the refreshment back at Delph Tavern we felt was well earned and very enjoyable.


March 28th, Walton Hall.

February walk was cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. Despite having had good weather over the weekend and Monday the forecast for Tuesday was mixed so we decided not to travel too far and just went south of Warrington to Walton Hall. From the car park we went through the hall grounds round Appleton Reservoir over the fields to Daresbury. Here we stopped to enter the church and look at the stained glass featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland. Leaving the church we crossed over the A56 down to Bridgewater Canal following this all the way back to the hall car park. A cold breeze during the walk had us looking forward to a nice refreshing drink and warm up back at The Delph Tavern. Lets hope for a warm dry day in April.

April 25th, Around Farleton Fell.
Came off junction 36 M6 and parked at Dukes Bridge on the canal. Walked through Farleton along Nook Lane, up Puddlemire Lane to Hutton Roof. Then over The Rakes along the Limestone Link to Holme Park farm under the motorway and back along the canal to the bridge. One short hale and rain shower during the walk but a cold wind throughout. The usual refreshments were enjoyed back at The Delph Tavern.
July 25th, Beetham Trail.
One of our shorter walks but none the less enjoyable. Start at Beetham just south of Milnthorpe parking at The Old Corn Mill. Headed through Beetham Park above Beetham Hall taking the path to Slack Head then on to Fairy Steps. This part of the walk is over limestone pavement so care must be taken and not to be attempted in wet conditions. Then following path to Haverbrack  we turn left before there to take us over to main road leading to Milnthorpe. On the outskirts a path goes through Dallam Tower deer park back to the Old Corn Mill car park. Shorter walk or not it was a hot day so thirsts were quenched back at The Delph Tavern. The only way to end a grand day out.
August 22nd, Pendleton
We parked in the lovely village of Pendleton which is just off the A59 next to the Swan with Two Necks a very quaint old pub. Walk through the village past Pendleton Hall and Mearley Hall then across the fields to the small village of Worston. Walk through the village and take the path towards Downham but we left the path short of there and took the lane heading back passing Little Marley Hall an retracing our steps back to Pendleton. We ignored the lure of the pub despite the warm weather and had the usual thirst quencher back at The Delph Tavern.
September 26th, Nick of Pendle
A fairly bright but windy greeted us as we left the car park at Sabden heading up to and along Wiswell Moor stopping at Nick of Pendle for lunch. Suitably refreshed we carried on down past Church Clough Reservoir along to Wood House down hill to Dean Farm and along the farm track back to Sabden. As is our want the usual welcome thirst quencher was supped back at base The Delph Tavern.
October 24th, White Coppice.
Forecast for the day was rain and low cloud so we picked an old favourite at Rivington. Parking at the lower barn walked past the upper Rivington reservoir along Anglezark past this to White Coppice where we had brunch. Our return was via Heapey Fold Lane and Back Lane on the other side of the reservoirs to the car park. The usual restorative measures were applied back at The Delph Tavern.
November 28th, The Dream
We parked off Gorsey Lane in Burtonwood walking through Clock Face to the big head just off the M62 known as The Dream which stands on the top of an old colliery slag heap this being an extensive disused coal mining area. After stopping for lunch we returned via Clock Face Country Park and Gorsey Lane to the car park. Breaking from our usual routine no refreshments were consumed at The Delph Tavern but a lovely meal and drinks were enjoyed during our annual get together at The Star on Roby Mill.
We have mostly had good dry weather this year and with our usual break with no walk during December lets hope for another enjoyable 2018.
A Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all the members of our group and raise a glass of good cheer for Auld Lang Syne.
January 23rd, Lathom
First walk of 2018 but due to predicted poor weather we did not travel far. Parking in Vicarage Lane on the outskirts of Ormskirk we crossed fields to Westhead then again across country to the entrance of Lathom Hall where we stopped for a short break. Carryng on to Blythe Lane near Burscough the decision was taken to shorten the walk by going down the lane and avoiding further muddy fields and tracks. We stopped for lunch off the lane after which took Ladys Lane up to and through The Ruff which is a small woodland back to the cars. Shortened walk with short journey meant an earlier than usual return for refreshment back at The Delph Tavern.
March 27th, Abbey Village
No walk in Feb due to beast from the east and many walkers unable to attend on the day. Mike Crickett and myself unable to lead March walk so a capable sub stepped in namely my wife Sheila. Weather was not promising but the rain stopped soon into the walk. Parking at Abbey Village the group went by Roddlesworth Reservoir and Easdale Reservoir on the way to the tower. Then after a break continued along Darwen Moor descending to Tockholes Plantations through the forest and returning to Abbey Village back by way of Roddlesworth Reservoir again. I am told that the refreshments were once again downed with relish back at The Delph Tavern.
April 26th, Wheelton.
Parking at the Dressers Arms just off New Blackburn Road we made our way to the Leeds Liverpool Canal walking along and leaving the canal at Withnell Fold. Returning via Brinscall where we stopped for lunch back to the cars. The weather forecast was for heavy rain and we did indeed get wet for about the last hour of the walk. Wet on the outside calls for being wet on the inside which we did back at The Delph Tavern.
May 22nd, Riley Green.
From Riley Green we walk round Houghton Tower through Houghton Bottoms along the River Darwen across country through Pleasington into Witton Park where we had brunch. We carry on by way of Cherry Tree on the outskirts of Blackburn onto the Leeds Liverpool canal back to the start. Weather was very good and of course all thirsts were quenched back at base The Delph Tavern.
June 26th, Dutton Lock.
What a cracking day for our walk but a bit too hot. Parking off the A49 at the bridge over the river Weaver we walked along the Trent & Mersey canal before cutting across to Dutton Lock where we had a short break. Then proceeded across country just short of Crowton heading back to the cars by way of the outskirts at Acton Bridge. Well a very hot day deserves a decent cooling down and a drop or two of the cold amber nectar revived the dry throats back at the Delph Tavern.
July 24th, Aughton.
Lovely day for our walk if not a bit too hot. On leaving the car park at the Crook we headed above the river across the hills to Aughton where we had a stop for lunch. Then proceeded down to join the river for the walk back to the car park. All was going well until we headed into a steep banked wooded area where we encountered a large section of path destroyed by landslide. It was decided to that we should negotiate this tricky section as we were so near to the finish. After much scrambling and helpful assistance by all we came out of the other side with no serious mishaps. No warning was seen about this landslide until we were entering the path to the car park with the warning signs on the opposite side of the stile. Needless to say we were not best pleased and this particular route will be avoided in future. With all that adventure behind us our usual refreshment was that much more enjoyed back at The Delph Tavern. Here's hoping for a less stressful walk next month.
August 21st, Chipping.
Started from the car park at Chipping a picturesque village in the Forest of Bowland. A lovely scenic circular walk with views of Longridge Fell, Pendle Hill and just short of Whitewell a look down on the River Hodder from our lunch stop. The weather was dry and bright a good day for our walk with all who attended enjoying the Bowland countryside. The usual slaking of the thirst was partaken back at The Delph Tavern.
September 25th, Bleasdale.
Another bright sunny day for our walk in a lovely part of the North West. In the shadow of Parlick And Fairsnape fells with views also down to the coast with Blackpool Tower standing out. Hang gliders and glider aircraft also put on a show for us as we enjoyed a break in the sunshine. The call of the Delph Tavern was too loud to ignore and the usual thirst quencher just had to be consumed on our return.
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