MOOCS - Massively Open Online Courses

MOOCS are a new way of learning about a subject that interests you.


·   Are easily accessible using the Internet.

·   Are open to everyone who wants to learn.

 ·   Are (mostly) free to use.

 ·   Allow you to learn at your own pace. It doesn’t matter if you complete the course in two days or two years.  It is up to you how long you take.

 ·   Offer over 5000 courses.

Many organisations and individuals develop MOOCs. These are drawn together and made available by organisations such as Future Learn in the UK:  and at -Coursera in the US.

 A useful guide to using MOOCs is “The Crowd Sourced Guide to Learning”: https://www.futurelearn. com/learning-guide.  One million students successfully completed the MOOC course: “Learning how to Learn” within 15 months: learning-how-to-learn.

Typically, MOOC courses are free to use. Certificates and awards are available but these are charged for.  MOOCs are becoming so popular that a number of airlines are offering access on board so that you can learn as you fly.   A number of U3As have set up MOOC Groups where students can share their experiences of the new way of learning.  Further information is on hand at - The Third Age Trust page for MOOCs.