MOOCS - Massively Open Online Courses

MOOCS are a new way of learning about a subject that interests you.


·   Are easily accessible using the Internet.

·   Are open to everyone who wants to learn.

 ·   Are (mostly) free to use.

 ·   Allow you to learn at your own pace.It doesn’t matter if you complete the course in two days or two years.  It is up to you how long you take.

 ·   Offer over 5000 courses.

Many organisations and individuals develop MOOCs. These are drawn together and made available by organisations such as Future Learn in the UK:  and at -Coursera in the US.

 A useful guide to using MOOCs is “The Crowd Sourced Guide to Learning”: https://www.futurelearn. com/learning-guide.  One million students successfully completed the MOOC course: “Learning how to Learn” within 15 months: learning-how-to-learn.

Typically, MOOC courses are free to use. Certificates and awards are available but these are charged for.  MOOCs are becoming so popular that a number of airlines are offering access on board so that you can learn as you fly.   A number of U3As have set up MOOC Groups where students can share their experiences of the new way of learning.  Further information is on hand at - The Third Age Trust page for MOOCs.