Newsletter Leader

August 2018


Whilst we are enjoying this totally unexpected run of hot summer weather – perhaps a little too hot for some – maybe we should take stock of the many advantages which being a member of our U3A brings.

For many single people it is a buffer against loneliness and isolation; as one member put it, he felt he was “part of a warm family”.  The opportunity to join up regularly with old and new friends, puts a focus on life which otherwise could be non-existent. 

Third agers, whether they are newly retired, ‘redundant’ or have to stop work due to failing health, may think “what shall I do to with my new found freedom”; or “how will I fill the hours?”  Look no further, it’s all here. 

Where else could you find a chance to gain exercise through dancing, walking, tennis, bowls, cycling, golf, and in many other ways? Learning new languages, different crafts and skills, playing and listening to music, singing and entertaining.  Experiencing the lives of other peoples and cultures through visits to our national heritage sites and family or local history, foreign travel, ancient civilisations and their religions, all are available.  Taking up  new levels of expertise in Information Technology and keeping up to date with all that is happening around the world, at the touch of a button! 

All these and many more are brought to you by a band of dedicated volunteers. Not only do they find satisfaction in providing essential administration and subject interests, they spend many hours in research and planning of future activities for the benefit of all. However, the same people cannot continue forever and replacements must be sought to continue their excellent work. Can you consider helping? 

Our current slogan, Learn, Laugh, Live, says it all. Learning helps to keep the brain active; laughter gives us the ‘feel good’ factor and the activities which we undertake can help the body to live longer. That is why our U3A must continue!