Recent news from the Chair

A Message from the Chair - March 2018

Hello all you lovely U3A people, Up Holland U3A has been invited to join the Lancashire and Merseyside Network Group. Although relatively new, the group is enthusiastic and keen to link up with other U3As in the area. The first event proposed is a quiz on Thursday, April 12th in the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. More details in the body of the newsletter. They are also trying to organise a Craft Day later in the year.

Those of you who were at the Coffee morning meeting this month will have experienced our new room layout and some of you will have had the chance to put forward your views and any suggestions for change. There are a number of reasons for the changes we are trying to make, among them accessibility both for people with disabilities and those trying to speak to Group Leaders. If you have further suggestions to improve the layout in the hall, let us know.

Keep on living, laughing and learning.                       Viv Newman, Chair

January 2018 leader

Greetings from the Chair

Here we are, almost at the end of another year that has disappeared so quickly. Membership of our U3A has increased again this year and it looks as though, very soon, we will have some new interest groups. Watch this space. We're also still looking for new committee members. If you think you might be interested, speak to a current committee member or have a look at the U3A website where you'll find details of what the roles entail.

As with each successive year there will be changes, the first of which will be a new layout for the Coffee Morning. No doubt your group leaders will have mentioned that changes are needed and we will be trialling the first one in January. Let us know what you think.

I hope you all enjoy the festive season in whichever way suits you best and look forward to another interesting and exciting year of living, laughing and learning. I'll leave you with this thought by writer Neil Gaiman;

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're doing something.

With very best wishes for 2018. Viv Newman (Chair)

November 2017 Leader

A word from the Chair

Hello all you lovely U3A people.  It looks as though summer has deserted us once more so I hope you made the most of it while it lasted.

By the time you read this I'll have been Chair of Up Holland and District U3A for five months and those months have flown by.  I've been enjoying the challenge of learning all about our U3A and that learning curve will no doubt continue. At the moment I have the help and guidance of, not only the newer members but also, some longstanding members of the committee. 

What I don't have at the moment is a Vice-chair or, even better, the two Vice-chairs that the Constitution allows. The management committee works together as a team. The team works in the interest of the members.  If you are at all interested in joining the committee why don't you speak to me or one of the other team members?

To paraphrase a well known slogan, Your U3A needs You!

Viv Newman

May Newsletter leader

We currently need nominations for Committee members and, in particular, for 2 Vice Chairs and someone who will be Publicity Coordinator. The details about how members are nominated can be obtained from our secretary, John Taylor, or any member of the committee. On May 16th, at our AGM, members of the committee will be elected. This will start at 10.15 a.m. so please don't miss it.

There is an opportunity for you to join in a 'Get Active' 12 week programme. This is a step/walking programme which is set individually and is monitored through a tracking device. It is designed for varying activity levels so even if you feel that you are not very active at the moment, this programme could be for you. If you are interested in finding out more, then please get in touch with Marianne Humphreys or myself.

 Please remember that we have a Suggestion Box for our members to share ideas on how to make our U3A even better and a file for noting ideas for new groups, both of which can be found on the Publicity Desk. It's helpful if you could add your name and contact information to any suggestions made so that we can respond as appropriate.


April Newsletter Leader

 Many thanks to the members who have expressed an interest in the Really Useful Group (RUG) and to those who attended the meeting at the Coffee Morning in March. 

 RUG members will be supporting the ‘Meeters and Greeters’ who welcome new members and help with the smooth running of the meetings. Look out for the blue and yellow badges that they will be wearing. More RUG members would be welcome so please get in touch with me if you are interested.

 Please make a note of the date the 16th May. It’s our AGM and we need a good attendance to elect our committee and share in this years’ U3A moments. 

March Newsletter leader

Our U3A has many members who contribute and provide a wide variety of activities for the enjoyment of our members. The Group Leaders, Deputies and others spend many hours to provide this varied programme. Other volunteers also help to ensure that we enjoy a range of opportunities as well as supporting the smooth running of our U3A. Sometimes we need extra support so we would like to form a really useful group (RUG) to provide this. We’re having our first meeting of this group on Thursday 2nd March at in the lounge and if you’d like to join us then do please come along.

We have recently enrolled with Beacon, a computerised Management System, along with almost 100 U3As nationwide. This system will help us to manage our membership information, financial systems and group records as well as enabling us to store records securely. One of the outcomes of using this system is that we will be able to send messages more easily so we would like to use the email addresses that you have given us either on your membership form or through a group leader. If you do not wish this to happen then please let a member of the Committee know before the end of March 2017. If you have not shared your email address with us but would like to do so then please hand it to a member of the Committee. Communications would be within our U3A and comply with our Data Protection policy. Many members have already requested that the newsletter is sent by email and this will continue. Another outcome is that your membership number is likely to change and this updated number will be given to you when you renew your membership. The numbers are allocated to reflect the order in which members joined and are sequential.

Some advanced warning!  Membership renewal will commence on 1st April and you will be able to do this between then and 31st May at a cost of £10, unless you are current member of another U3A when the cost is reduced by £3.50. After this date, unless there are exceptional circumstances, you would have to re-join at the new members fee of £12.50. Full details about renewing will be posted in next month’s newsletter.