Newsletter Leader


March 2021

Hello Lovely U3A people,

This month I’m making a heartfelt appeal for your help. Compared to our usual programme it may seem that not much is going on, but we are putting in some work around being ready for reopening whenever that is allowed. We had a meeting for new members on February 9th, and on March 17th we’ll be meeting the group leaders to talk about what our next steps might include. Although the vaccination programme continues it may be some time before we feel safe to meet face to face and in the meantime, we’d like to be prepared for the future.

In short, we need people to do stuff. 

We need a Vice Chair, an Assistant Secretary and an Assistant Treasurer.  Our current Chair (me), Secretary (Beth) and Treasurer (Alan), if re-elected at the next AGM, can only continue in those roles for a limited period of time, therefore we need people who will be ready to take over. Full support would be given as you get accustomed to the role.

Our Speaker Secretary, Edith, will be stepping down at the end of the year.  Edith has done a great job in organising all our monthly speakers for eight years and would now like to hand over to someone else. Speakers are booked to the end of 2021, so if someone would agree to take over, Edith will be happy to guide them into the role.

Margaret is our Newsletter Compiler and Editor. While Margaret isn’t giving up the role, she really does need someone to work alongside her and take over when needed.  Full training would be given.

We know that our membership has decreased. We are looking to recruit new members, start new groups and ensure our existing groups continue to grow.  If you think you can help, if you’d like a new challenge, please get in touch.

Hoping this finds you well,          Viv


February 2021

Hello lovely U3A people,

One of the things I learned recently was, that I should get out of my chair and pick up the item I’m reaching for rather than leaning over the arm of the chair and stretching as far as possible.  My intercostal muscle went crack and I yelped. No long term damage and in the short term I’m fine as long as I don’t sneeze, cough, laugh or breathe too deeply.  That’ll teach me. Or not. 

I hope things are looking a bit brighter as you read this month’s newsletter. Certainly, as I write, the weather has become a little warmer and some of the ice and snow has disappeared.  The vaccine rollout has started so things are looking up.  I hope you find something of interest in this month’s newsletter. If not why not make a contribution yourself?            Best regards,        Viv



January 2021

Hello lovely U3A people,

We are finally waving goodbye to 2020, a year we’ll no doubt remember for quite some time.  We have learned a new vocabulary including lockdown, social distancing and key workers, not to mention covidiots and covexit.  Hopefully in the near future the promised vaccine will enable us to make some moves towards resuming normal life.  In the meantime a lot of our members have been working away in the background to stay in touch. By the time you read this, our Christmas Show will have taken place and even if you couldn’t join us on Zoom your membership number will have been entered in the Christmas raffle.  The winning numbers are printed elsewhere in this newsletter. A thought for 2021; “Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, it will be happier”

 Best regards,