General History

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Meets                  1st Thursday of the month at 19:00

Venue                  Bispham Methodist Scout Hall (at the rear of the main church hall), Crank Road, Billinge WN5 7DT

Our group was formed in November 2016 and currently has around 35 members, normal meeting attendance is 20+.

We are all interested in history and don’t restrict ourselves to specific periods, countries or personalities. Among the subjects covered so far are The Black Death, Tulipmania, The Suffragettes, Mad Queen Joanna, the history of Venereal Diseases and their treatment, as well as the more predictable WW1 and English Civil War. The future possibilities are almost endless!

Almost all presentations to date have been researched and delivered by group members, some working alone, some in small groups, some presenting for the first-time others using experience they gained in the world of work. Please be assured that there is absolutely no pressure on any member to do a presentation.

A typical meeting lasts between one and a half and two hours with the presentation filling the first hour followed by coffee/tea and biscuits and an opportunity to ask questions, put forward ideas for future subjects or just chat before heading home. We want members to enjoy our meetings and hope that if some of us know a little more about the subject at the end than we did at the start word will spread and the group will continue to grow.

We don’t have a waiting list, to join us all you need is an enthusiasm for history and to come to one of our meetings, upcoming subjects are in the newsletter. It costs a pound (we think it’s a bargain).

Group Leader Kevin Griffin, Deputy Leader Sheila O’Keefe

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Kevin on 07884 182526