Wine Appreciation

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We are a 'convivial' group of men and women who like a glass or two of wine and have a 'thirst' for knowledge of same.  We meet at 12.30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month in St Teresa's Social Club where we are joined by a Sommelier who brings along fine wines from countries far and wide. We sample three white followed by three red wines being given details of country of origin, grape variety, terrain and old versus new.  We are guided through the 'tastings' looking at colour, aroma ( nose) and taste which can produce some startling results. How about the smell of 'sweaty socks', 'wet leather' or petrol!! We are advised to bring sandwiches/crackers etc before and during 'tastings'. This is followed by a 'guess the price' competition where members use their skill in pricing the bottles used in the tasting. Winner gets a bottle of their choice. In addition we have travelled to Vineyards from Kent to the Rhine, Duoro and Seine taking every opportunity to sample the local nectar. We visit hotels of fine dining and select appropriate wines to match the food.  All this in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.  Old and New Members are very welcome

Group Leader: Mary Shepherd



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