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Meetings held in St Teresa's on 4th Friday of month, 2 - 4 pm. £1.50 per session.

Newcomers welcome.

Item published in Newsletter August 2017


The Photography Group has an open-door policy on membership. Members range from novices, perhaps with basic compact cameras, to those with decades of experience, maybe with more sophisticated kit. But everyone is welcome, and shares the same enjoyment: of taking photographs, seeing other people's efforts and being encouraged to try out new techniques.


We meet once a month, no two meetings are the same, but often comprise two or more topics.


We invite our own members, and also visiting speakers, to give talks or lead practical sessions on all manner of photographic topics of interest to all members. For instance, composition, wildlife, travelogue, camera techniques etc.


A popular item is Focus on Photos, where a member shows a dozen of their favGalleryourite images, and what appeals to them from a photographic point of view.


Competitions are held every three months or so, different theme every time, e.g. water, transport, springtime, and every member votes for their favourite.


The programme includes photoshoots, usually by coach to photographic locations, and members bring their prints to the next meeting for display.

We encourage members to learn image editing on computer, and have run tutorial sessions using Picasa and Photoshop Elements.


Leaders: Frank Simpson, Jean Baxendale. David Lomax


Competition Winners in the categories of 'Flowers' and 'Reflections':