Card Making and Papercraft

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We meet on 2nd and 4th Wednesday 9.30-12 at Bispham Methodist Church hall

We are a small lively and very sociable group who do a lot of chatting and laughing as well as making cards – and we have biscuits with our tea. We stay small so that there is time for anyone needing individual help with the different techniques to discuss them and make notes if they like.

We are a very mixed ability group – some members never having done card making before whilst some are very experienced and despite some of the group still insisting that they have no artistic talent at all, we have made some beautiful cards this session – still making sure that we get biscuits with our tea during the break.Up to now we have pyramaged, decoupaged, heat embossed and glittered – although we finished up with as much glitter on ourselves as we had on the cards when we did the ‘Jacobs Coat’ technique. We have also done teabag folding, doing a basic fold and trying a new easy system of folding. In future projects we hope to shrink some plastic, work with vellum and acetate, make a photo album and Easter Bonnet cards trimmed with flowers and ribbons.We do have ‘happy incidents’ but all the group are willing to help and offer suggestions to each other, and although we all start off using the same materials, at the end of the morning we find we have all made very different cards – just goes to show the amount of individualism and creativity that abounds in the group.So do come along and look at the lovely cards made by the group and if you need a card for a special occasion, just discuss it with us.

Article published in our Newsletter July 2017


Recently we have 'STUCK' together and 'FOILED' attempts to 'AGE' us, 'STAMPED' about and carried knives around.


We have used special glue to 'stick' coloured 'foil' to cards to give a professional finish to our projects. We have 'aged' doing decopAGE, pyramaAGE and invertAGE - sticking shapes together in different ways to give different perspectives to cards.


We’ve also made different shaped cards, templates for future use, and envelopes for non standard sized cards - useful when using up left over or small pieces of card.


We use machines to cut shapes using dies - especially for more intricate shapes - and for embossing card to give beautiful backgrounds to our cards.


Sometimes we 'STAMP' about a lot, - not in temper but using stamps and stamp pads to decorate cards giving lovely backgrounds or interesting focal points.


KNIVES are used to cut apertures in cards and to cut cards to size –we could use paper trimmer. Some were not keen on using knives at first but after being shown how to use them safely are all now quite competent (but there is a first aid kit just in case!!)


We also do lots of chatting and have a cup of tea and yummy biscuits so if you fancy giving it a try just get in touch.



Group Leader: Betty Hampson