March 2019 - News from the Chair


A message from the Chair

It seems not five minutes since the beginning of the year and yet here I am to remind you that the AGM will take place on Tuesday 21st of May. There are still some vacancies to be filled on the committee so please consider applying.  There’s more information lower down this page. Have a look at the information and perhaps talk to one of the committee about the various roles.

 A recent meeting of the Lancashire and Merseyside Network decided to take up the offer of working with Merseyside Sports Partnership in trying to interest people in new forms of exercise, one of which was Drum-a-cise. Participants get to take part in a six-week course giving them an excellent upper body workout, as well as getting rid of all their frustrations. Also mentioned was an “Interesting Buildings Group”.  This sounds like a really great idea for Up Holland and district, given the number of old and very old buildings in the area. Anyone like to take the lead?

Regards,  Viv